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  • Browning BR3340 Blackout 6V Headlamp

    Browning Blackout 6V HeadlampFeaturesHigh-performance Blackout 6V XM-L Headlamp shines at 550 lumens and 150 yards Brownings brightest headlamp features the new Cree XM-L LED LED is rated for 50,000 hours of use and will not burn out or break in normal...

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  • Browning BR371-8151 Renegade 5 LED Headlamp

    Browning Renegade 5 LED HeadlampFeaturesType - 5 LED headlamp Material/Color - Copolymer construction Mossy Oak Brush Matching headstraps Features - Tiny ultralight headlamp Fits easily into pocket or pack 4-position switch with a flashing setting for...

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  • Browning BR3715099 LED Night Seeker Pro

    Browning LED Night Seeker ProFeaturesOne Nichia 0.5 Watt LED for distance illumination; Two green LEDs for night vision, safety and stealth Adjustable tilt allows the light to pivot up and down to aim the light where it is needed Wear on the brim of a...

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  • Browning BR3715100 LED Night Seeker RGB Cap Light

    Browning LED Night Seeker RGB Cap LightThe new Night Seeker RGB Cap Light features 2 white LEDs plus a cool RGB LED, which shines first red, then green, then blue all from a single LED just by pushing the switch. Like other Night Seeker Lights, the RGB...

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