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  • Bushcraft Mini String Hammock

    Bushcraft Mini String Hammock106" length. Extremely strong 1" mesh. Includes 2m (6ft) rope. Lightweight. Breaking strain: 264 lbs. Weight: 11 oz. Hang packaged.SpecificationsCountry of Origin: United Kingdom

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  • Hennessy Scout Classic bottom entrance with Velcro closure

    Hennessy Scout Classic bottom entrance with Velcro closureThis is our "Original" non asymmetrical model with updated features. It comes with a larger, slightly asymmetrical rainfly to improve coverage over head and feet when laying on the diagonal. The...

    $99.95 $89.95
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  • Hennessy Snake Skins XL

    Hennessy Snake Skins XLThe adventure racer model comes with a nifty accessory, our newest invention, called SnakeSkins. The entire hammock, netting and rainfly can be packed into two skinny 1/2 oz. tubes of silnylon which are an instant stuffsack.Just...

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