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Warehouse Liquidation Sale


    Want an awesome deal on a knife... these items are for you! These items are from returned orders and discontinued items from the warehouse. When a knife is returned, we do not restock our inventory in the warehouse. All items are brand new and have never been used. Some products may have been returned for minor issues and defects, but overall, the knives are good and unused condition. We have checked the products thoroughly.  Some items have been sent back to factories to be repaired and returned to us.

    Items may have a minor scratch, color defect, slightly off centered, damaged box, etc. Please continue to check this page, as we will be adding new products often. All sales are final and no returns accepted!

 These items below in the chart are no longer listed on our website. To place an order for these items please call customer service at 888-225-9775. We will be glad to assist you in ordering.

Sku Number


Price per each




 CS20NPFZ - 182

 Cold Steel Finn Wolf, Plain Edge


 BM586SBK - 184 (4 Qty.)

 Benchmade Mini Barrage



BM520SBK – 154

Benchmade Presidio