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International FAQ

Q: How do I place an order?

  • It is very simple just add items that you would like to purchase to the shopping cart.
  • Choose a shipping method, USPS Priority Mail Express International or USPS First Class Mail International (Click here for more info). Shipping cost and Insurance fee will be added to the order by our Sale Rep. once the order is received.
  • At the checkout: 

                    New customer must choose MONEY ORDER for their first two orders; our Sales Rep. will email you the final total that needs to be paid.


                    Existing customer can choose to pay for the order using “Credit Card” or “Money Order” for your payment method.


Q: Why don’t you charge shipping cost and Insurance fee while I placed my order online?

  • Our system does not calculate the shipping charges for each individual order. This must be manually done by our Sales Rep. to prevent over or under charging, the best way is to pay for merchandise only when placing your order online. (Click here for more info)

Q: The Postal service does not work well in my country, what alternative carrier do you have beside USPS?

  • Other than USPS, we do have the ability to ship UPS.  We do not recommend shipping UPS due to the following reasons:
  1. UPS does not work well in every country.
  2. The shipping cost is more expensive than USPS.
  3. The most important reason we do not recommend is due to the complications of returned packages. If the package is returned to us, the customer is responsible for all the fees charged by UPS (can be higher than the value of your order).

Q: I am a new customer; can I pay for my order with a credit card?

  • Unfortunately we must say “NO”, due to the high number of fraudulent orders from international addresses. All new customers are required to pay for their first two orders viaWESTERN UNION or Wire Transfer. Please choose “MONEY ORDER” at checkout. Our Sales Rep. will email you the final total that needs to be paid.
  • After your first two orders, you can pay for your order using a credit card that needs to be verified. However, you are welcome to continue using PayPal or Western Union as your payment method.

Q: I am an existing customer, why did I receive an email from your Sales Rep asking to send the photos of my credit card?

  • For existing customers, who have not placed an order with us within a year or using a different credit card from previous orders will be required to send an original photo of the front and the back side of the credit card. This requirement may be adjusted by our Sales Rep.

Q: How can I know what items cannot be imported to my country?


 Q: How long does it take for my order to be shipped?

  • Most International orders are shipped out within 2 business days. . If you order is in progress more than 2 business days, please feel free to contact us directly at