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Butterfly Knives

Whether you’re an outdoorsman, a knife collector, or simply looking for a knife to use on those weekend camping trips, you’re in the right place! After all, our knives have an edge above the rest!

Butterfly knives are used for a number of purposes… from descaling a freshly caught fish to snipping through a tightly wound rope, to performing intricate butterfly knife tricks, these knives are essential for any outdoorsman or knife collector. Knife Works has an impressive selection of butterfly knives and you’re sure to find just the style and size that you’re looking for. We’re proud to offer some of the best-known knife brands.Benchmade butterfly knives are a favorite amongst knife connoisseurs for their durability and precision, which is why we’re thrilled to be a top supplier. Maxace butterfly knives are another favorite, offering the sharp edge and sturdy grip that you’re after.   

Be sure to shop our impressive collection of knives, and don’t miss any of our selection of butterfly knives for sale!