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Here at Knife Works, we know that precision and accuracy goes far beyond simply having a sharp edge and strong blade. That’s why we’ve stocked out shelves with an impressive selection of eyewear and safety gear. We’ve got styles perfect for those weekend camping trips, those bright days spend out on the water, and for those early mornings spent hunting in the wilderness. The Smith and Wesson safety glasses offer a sense of security that goes beyond the blade. They’re great for public safety professionals, hunting enthusiasts, or first responders. Beretta shooting glasses are great for those afternoons spent at the shooting range or those early mornings spent hunting wild game. Wiley X Sunglasses are essential for those bright days spent on the water, when you need total precision in order to go home with that 15 pound trout. Don’t miss out on the many reliable products of Knife Works and be sure to shop our entire line of eyewear and safety glasses!