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  • Browning BR3340 Blackout 6V Headlamp

    Browning Blackout 6V HeadlampFeaturesHigh-performance Blackout 6V XM-L Headlamp shines at 550 lumens and 150 yards Brownings brightest headlamp features the new Cree XM-L LED LED is rated for 50,000 hours of use and will not burn out or break in normal...

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  • Browning BR371-8151 Renegade 5 LED Headlamp

    Browning Renegade 5 LED HeadlampFeaturesType - 5 LED headlamp Material/Color - Copolymer construction Mossy Oak Brush Matching headstraps Features - Tiny ultralight headlamp Fits easily into pocket or pack 4-position switch with a flashing setting for...

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  • Browning BR3715099 LED Night Seeker Pro

    Browning LED Night Seeker ProFeaturesOne Nichia 0.5 Watt LED for distance illumination; Two green LEDs for night vision, safety and stealth Adjustable tilt allows the light to pivot up and down to aim the light where it is needed Wear on the brim of a...

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  • Browning BR3715100 LED Night Seeker RGB Cap Light

    Browning LED Night Seeker RGB Cap LightThe new Night Seeker RGB Cap Light features 2 white LEDs plus a cool RGB LED, which shines first red, then green, then blue all from a single LED just by pushing the switch. Like other Night Seeker Lights, the RGB...

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  • Gerber Bear Grylls Torch w/ 1 AAA Battery

    Gerber Bear Grylls Torch w/ 1 AAA BatteryWhen solving problems in the wild you need three things - your head, your hands and your tools. The Hands-Free Torch frees up your hands to work in concert with your head and your tool. The elastic headband offers...

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  • Princeton Tec Apex Extreme

    Princeton Tec Apex Extreme FeaturesOne long range 3 watt MaxBright LED4 close range LEDspowered by a convenient 8 AA battery pack that can be attached to belt or pants4 light levels and safety flash modeCurrent regulation ensures constant brightness as...

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  • Princeton Tec Apex LED Headlamp, Black

    Princeton Tec Apex LED Headlamp, BlackThe Princeton Tec APEX is a true high-performance head lamp. In the middle is a 3 Watt Maxbright LED paired with calibrated optics for spotting at long distances. Along the sides are 4 Ultrabright LED's for wide-beam...

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  • Princeton Tec EOS Tactical Headlight

    Princeton Tec EOS Tactical HeadlightOne-watt LED bulb operates in high, medium, low and flashing modes to meet your up-close and distance needs. Current regulation ensures constant brightness as long as the batteries have sufficient voltage. In the...

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  • Princeton Tec Fuel Headlamp

    Princeton Tec Fuel HeadlampWhen applied well, technology should be simple. Such is the case with the innovative Fuel headlamp designed to meet the widest range of applications while remaining small, lightweight and robust. With all of the touch points of...

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  • Princeton Tec HYB-BK Remix - Black w/ White Maxbright

    Princeton Tec HYB-BK Remix - Black w/ White MaxbrightPrinceton Tec Remix Headlamp. Features one Maxbright Hybrid LED and 3 Ultrabright LED's. Up to 100 lumen output. Also features asymmetrical single arm bracket, easily accessible battery door enclosure,...

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  • Princeton Tec Quad Tactical Headlamp

    Princeton Tec Quad Tactical HeadlampAiming to meet the highly specialized needs of outdoor sportsmen and the US military, Princeton Tec is introducing a tactical version of the popular Quad headlamp. The new Quad Tactical augments the original Quad's...

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  • Princeton Tec Yukon HL LED Headlamp

    Princeton Tec Yukon HL LED HeadlampPrinceton Tec Yukon HL Hybrid LED. The first of its kind LED hybrid headlamp. The Yukon HL employs the advanced technology of a state of the art, one watt LED and three high output five-millimeter LEDs. When you need...

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  • Streamlight Argo 1 Watt Luxeon LED Headlamp

    Streamlight Argo 1 Watt Luxeon LED HeadlampArgo Luxeon HeadlampFeaturing a super-high flux (1-watt) LED that provides the longevity of an LED with the brightness and range of a conventional bulb. Streamlight, the leader in LED lighting, introduces the...

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  • Underwater Kinetics Vizion eLED Headlamp

    Underwater Kinetics Vizion eLED HeadlampVizion eLED Headlamp - Waterproof design for all weather use. Three selectable beam patterns - Spot, Diffuse and Red Diffuse. High (65 lumens) and low (35 lumens) power settings. Advanced Compound Path Optics (CPO)...

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