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Knife Making Supplies

There’s nothing worse than a messy edge when cutting into a freshly caught buck. There’s nothing worse than a poorly fileted fish due to a dull blade. There’s nothing worse than a rope that just won’t fray when you’re out camping in the wilderness, miles away from civilization. Not getting the edge you’re after? There’s simply nothing worse! Here at Knife Works, there’s nothing we hate more than a dull or bent blade. But why replace your favorite knife when you can opt instead for strong, sharp, and sturdy utility knife blades? Our knife blanks are just as strong as you would expect from Knife Works and our collection is full of only the best. Whether you’re looking to replace the blade of your pocket knife, folding knife, or butterfly knife, our collection of knife blanks have got you covered! Our Mora knife blanks are a favorite, as well as the Karesuando kniven. Whatever style or sized blank you’re looking for you’ll find it at Knife Works!