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What is a Balisong?

What is a Balisong?

Posted by Knifeworks HQ on 8th Aug 2023

The Balisong, also known as the Batangas knife, butterfly knife, clik clik knife, and more, is a weapon that has long been revered for its beauty and uniqueness in the Philippines. Its name originates from two Pilipino words: bali, meaning to bend or break, and song, derived from sungay which means horn of the water buffalo. In its earliest form, the balisong was crafted entirely from buffalo horn, which had a texture similar to plastic and was easy to carve. Because of its folding or bending mechanism and its material composition of buffalo horn, it came to be known as the balisong.

This knife is a distinct tool that features a tang with two rotating handles. This design enables the knife to be effortlessly opened and closed using just one hand.

Unlike its ancient predecessors, the modern balisong knife serves a multitude of purposes. It has garnered a substantial following and is highly revered among knife enthusiasts. 

Through innovative modifications, it has evolved into a versatile tool capable of various tasks. Its unique design allows for discreet storage with the blade safely concealed within its two handles, making it an ideal choice for personal protection. As a result, many individuals opt to carry this exceptional knife as their primary self-defense weapon in their pockets.

The knife serves as an effective tool for self-defense, as its quick deploy ability allows the user to effectively fend off attackers, increasing their chances of survival. Furthermore, the knife's concealed and locked blade adds an additional layer of safety when carrying it. These features have contributed to the knife's popularity among users seeking personal protection.

This innovative design allows for a wide range of tricks and hand movements, showcasing artistic and creative expression. The popularity of this activity has grown significantly with the rise of social media, as people are continually inspired to explore the exciting world of 'flipping'.

There are two types of butterfly knives: trainers and live blades. While both share the same core features, there is one key difference between them. Live blades are sharpened, allowing for cutting and slicing, while trainers have dull edges to replicate the feel of a live blade without the risk of injury.