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Gun Care

A great gun is nothing more than a gun without proper care and etiquette! After all, you don’t want to be fumbling around with a gun that is damaged, especially in the face of a life or death situation. Whether you’re a huntsman, in the police force, in the military, or simply a lover of the great outdoors, you want to ensure that your gun lasts for as long as possible and functions properly and safely. Efficient gun care is the first step to ensuring just that. Here at Knife Works, we take gun care very seriously. That’s why we offer a wide array of top-notch gun cleaning supplies. If you’re looking to conceal your gun in total protection, we’ve got an assortment of styles and sizes, all offering support. The Otis Tactical Cleaning System offers you the ability to not only keep your gun safe and free of dirt or residue, but it aids in maintaining its attractive and sleek look. Whether you own a pistol, a rifle, a handgun, or a shotgun, when you shop Knife Works, you know you’ve got great gun cleaning kits and supplies on your hand!
  • Concealment Muzzle Commander, Right Hand Glock 42-Black

    Concealment Muzzle Commander, Right Hand Glock 42-BlackConcealment Commander Kydex holsters are hand crafted one at a time for each specific gun. The holsters are designed for comfort, functionality, durability and cosmetics. The holsters offer the...

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  • Duck Commander Command and Conquer CoJo Gun Magnet

    Duck Commander Command and Conquer CoJo Gun MagnetMost of us have been just propping our rifle up in the corner of a box stand. Not only is this a very dangerous situation but also it takes up a good bit space, because of the angle the rifle has to lean...

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  • Flitz Gun & Knife Care Kit

    Flitz Gun & Knife Care KitFeaturesIncludes 1.7 oz. spray bottle Stainless Steel & Chrome Cleaner1.76 oz. tube Metal, Plastic and Fiberglass polishing paste1.76 oz. spray bottle Rifle/Gun & Knife Wax Thick & Thirsty Microfiber clothUse on bluing, stocks,...

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  • Nano-Oil by StClaire, Weight 10 (Light)

    Nano-Oil by StClaire, Weight 10 (Light)At under 0.090 micron in size, the active molecules in Nano-Oil by StClaire are called Nano-Bearings they truly are within the nano scale technology (the width of human hair is between 50 to 100 microns) (1 micron =...

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  • Otis .17 - .22 Caliber Rim-Fire Cleaning Kit

    Otis .17 - .22 Caliber Rim-Fire Cleaning KitThe 100 Micro Cleaning Kit is designed for use on .17 through .22 caliber rim-fire, auto-loaders and air rifles. This kit includes a 34 small caliber Memory-Flex rod with a forged brass slotted tip, .5oz. Otis...

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  • Otis .22-.30 Cal Rifle Cleaning Kit

    Otis .22-.30 Cal Rifle Cleaning KitThe 200 Micro Cleaning Kit is specifically made for rifles .22 through .30 caliber. This is ideal for lever actions and auto-loaders because Breech-to-Muzzle cleaning can be achieved. The rifle kit contains a 30...

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  • Otis .30 - .45 Caliber Rifle Cleaning Kit

    Otis .30 - .45 Caliber Rifle Cleaning KitThe 300 Micro Cleaning Kit is used with .30 through .45 caliber rifles. This rifle kit contains a 30 Memory-Flex rod, a forged brass slotted tip, .5oz. Otis O85 Ultra Bore Solvent, all-caliber patches, and a .35...

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  • Otis 5.56MM Otis Grip Kit

    Otis 5.56MM Otis Grip KitWith the demand for the .223 with a collapsible stock, Otis has developed the Otis Grip Kit Cleaning System. Reclaim the lost space in the standard handgrip of all AR15/M4/M-16s. This is the civilian bright brass version of the...

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  • Otis 9MM - .45 Cal. Pistol Cleaning Kit

    Otis 9MM - .45 Cal. Pistol Cleaning KitThe 600 Micro Cleaning Kit cleans semi-autos and revolvers from 9mm through .45 caliber. This pistol kit contains an 8 Memory-Flex rod, a forged brass slotted tip, .5oz. Otis O85 Ultra Bore Solvent, large caliber...

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  • Otis All-Caliber Cleaning Patches

    Otis All-Caliber Cleaning PatchesThere are three types of OTIS cleaning patches: small caliber, all-caliber, and panoply. The small caliber patches are designed specifically for .17 caliber to .22 caliber rim-fire, and the panoply patches are designed...

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  • Otis Elite, Gun Cleaning System

    Otis Elite, Gun Cleaning SystemThe most innovative gun cleaning system in the Otis line of products is the Otis Elite. Suitable for an armorer but used by thousands, the Otis Elite is designed to maintain all rifles .17 to .50 caliber, pistols .17 to .50...

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  • Otis Hard Core Hunter Gun Cleaning Kit, Mossy Oak Camo

    Otis Hard Core Hunter Gun Cleaning Kit, Mossy Oak CamoIn order to fill your tag or bag your limit, youve got to put in as much time with your gear as you do in the blind or stand. Spend some of that quality time cleaning your firearm correctly. Contains...

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