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Top Benefits of Automatic Knives

Top Benefits of Automatic Knives

Posted by Knifeworks HQ on 19th Aug 2022

In the market for an automatic knife? Check out our manual! (Get what we did there?)

All joking aside, there are things to consider before investing in an automatic knife. The experts at Knifeworks have put together this handy guide to help you decide what is right for you.


Automatic knives are classified by their ability to project a blade by pushing a button, pulling a lever or engaging a slide on the handle. Laws surrounding ownership and usage of automatic knives vary widely. Being on the wrong side here can result in serious consequences—including conviction on felony charges in certain jurisdictions.

Some states (and cities) have initiated outright bans of automatic knives, while others regulate such things as blade length and whether you can conceal and carry. In some cases, exemptions are made for military and law enforcement use. Before buying an automatic knife know the law. A good resource: Knife Rights, which provides a summary of knife laws across the country.


Automatic knives offer unique advantages over other knife types and models. We break down some of their main features here.

Automatic knives are durable and long-lasting.

Automatic knives usually are forged of aluminum or stainless steel, tough materials that can stand up to just about any task. They will maintain a sharp edge even when used to cut through such things as heavy-duty rope and plastic.

Automatic knives are safe to carry.

The retractable blade with its automatic open and close feature offers another advantage: safety. Unlike folding knives that open by manually moving the blade, automatic knives deploy and retract from the mechanism on the handle, meaning you won’t come into contact with its sharp edge. The fully retractable blade also means an automatic knife is safe to carry in a pocket or to toss in with the rest of your gear.

Automatic knives are ideal for adventuring alone.

Automatic knives are ideal for tactical uses among law enforcement, military and EMT, in addition to outdoorsmen and other adventurers, because they are compact in size, lightweight to carry, and able to deploy and retract using only one hand. Having an automatic knife at the ready is especially helpful if you get into trouble, like sustain an injury or have limited room to maneuver both hands into position to manually open the blade.

Automatic knives have advantages over other types of blades. Protect yourself, though: Before purchasing know the laws in your area.

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