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Common Knife Types and Their Uses

Common Knife Types and Their Uses

Posted by Knifeworks HQ on 18th Jul 2022

Whether it’s for hunting, cooking, recreational use, or self-defense, you can bet there’s a knife designed for your specific needs. The problem is, with all the different types of knives the market has to offer, one can quickly get confused or buy the wrong knife! Fortunately for you, we’ve compiled a quick and easy cheat sheet of the most common types of knives you’ll see in the market today. Let’s begin!

Automatic Knives

These knives open automatically when pressing a button, pulling a lever, or pulling the slide of the handle. They are primarily designed for police, military, and EMTs and are ideal for emergencies. Some states restrict the use of automatic knives, so it’s important to check your local laws before purchasing!

Folding Knives

As the name suggests, these knives have blades that can safely and securely fold into the knife’s handle. These knives often come with mechanisms that lock the blade while it’s open and closed to ensure safety. Due to their convenient design, these knives are usually carried around in pockets and have many uses for everyday tasks like breaking down cardboard boxes or slicing a bagel!

Butterfly Knives

These knives, commonly called balisong knives, have two handles that rotate, open, and close around the bottom (or “tang”), unsharpened part of the blade. Additionally, the two handles act as a cover for the blade so you can safely conceal the knife. Often used for tricks and recreational use, these knives are perfect for having fun! They also work great as a gift for someone who collects since they look so cool!


Fixed Blade Knives

As the name also suggests, these knives have blades that are fixed to the handle and therefore cannot fold. Because of this, they are often harder to conceal but typically stronger. Most people find that this added strength works excellent for hunting!

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